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On occasion, one stops to admire a painting bearing the signature A.E.Flury in the right hand lower corner.

In the spirit of the sensitive observer is awoken past memories of shining splendors, the magic landscapes; at this moment he senses a strong link with the past. A past whose is based upon a culture that the contemporary artistical currents seems to be all too often overlooked, where beauty is forgotten. For the young artist with a sensitive artistic spirit “art” is “beauty”. He states: “The world in which we live is full of uglyness without artists adding to the gloom…”.

Flury creates his world through his works, in which the prime aspect is the care taken to establish an estetic setting, similar to those used by northern European Masters of the 18th and 19th century. He has in fact studied artists of the calibre of Gainsborough, Reynolds, Vigée-Le Brun, Fragonard and all those artists who have made the estetic setting a constant feature of their works.

Flury, however, does not commit the error of becoming anachronist; being aware of the time in which he lives, he is able to portray his subjects both in past and contemporary settings. The style, which is figurative, does not impeed the artist from expressing all his pictorialism; clearly figurative but filtered through his spirit and mind. Flury does not paint for choice; he has had an inborn artistical gift from his tender years. The first official recognition he obtained at the age of six by the “Regione Lombardia” the certificate “Benemerenza”. The first water based painting at the age of seven. The first oil painting in the following year. These events confirmed the artist’s future path, leading to choose art studies at the age of fourteen. His inborn passion for portraitism, which is particularly close to his heartfelt desire, causes him to study this aspect in depth, which finds in the aristocrats and middle/upper classes wide appreciation.


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Special mention goes to the figurative art of the artist Albert Edwin Flury (...)

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