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An oil portrait requires a particular procedure for its creation; A typical meeting, when possible, for preparation of the portrait takes one to two hours.

Subjects for the initial meeting cover pose and attitude of the portrait, dress and location of the pose, size of the painting and consideration of where the portrait will hang. Photographs will cover a variety of poses and different light. It is also possible for me to work on exhisting photos; usually this is the case for a "surprise portrait" or a Posthumous portrait.

· Having agreed with the subject the pose and format of the painting, I am then able to work independently using sketches supported by the photographs.

Subsequently the images are transferred onto canvas. I do take extreme care of every detail, from the posing position to the clothes worn by the subject, from the foreground to the background.
Usually it takes me about a month to paint an average portrait; time depends also on my schedule at the moment of the new commission.

For more information or to commission a Portrait, please send me an
E-mail or call me at my Italy's Atelier 0039(0)331/43.29.64.

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